Sales Team Field App

On-site digital selling experience for sales reps

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Research, UX, UI
product owner, engineers, QA, sales reps
Sketch, Jira


  • Limited physical products on site which led to perceptions that Jostens had very little product
  • Unable to see a rendering of customized products leaving decisions up to the imagination of the student
  • Placing orders on paper is inefficient, prone to errors, and time consuming for students
  • Credit card information was written down and not secure


An iPad application for the sales associates to showcase and sell graduation products through a secure checkout experience.


  • Create a secure buyer experience for the students
  • Increase awareness of upsell and cross-sell opportunities resulting in additional sales and revenue
  • Develop digital tools to showcase and configure products
  • Decrease the time for students to browse, configure, and purchase products

Persona - Sales Associate

sales rep


  • Be knowledgeable about the products so that they can help the customer make the best decisions
  • Provide a great experience for customers
  • Increase sales numbers to earn bonuses and commissions


  • Lack of tools and resources to provide a positive customer experience
  • Customers want to pay with credit card but the sales team doesn't have the technology to do that
  • Volume of students at events is increasing and sales cycles take too long

Conversations with sales teams

I spoke with ~20 sales team members ranging from associate level up to senior level and mapped out my findings.


  • An in-depth understanding of how sales teams spend their day, what they love, where they struggle, what their current workflows are and where opportunities exist for improvement
  • An empathy map
  • A mind map of app features and functionality
  • An experience diagram outlining the IA and experience
empathy map

Mind map

A brain dump of learnings, app features and functionality

I do this because it helps me take a wholistic and systems view to the problem. It allows me to wrap my head around the user's mental models, objects, and terminology.


Experience flow

Planning out the IA, experience, and considering the entire system. I reviewed and refined this a few times with sales team members and other stakeholders.


Playing around with ideas and testing with users. I started to sketch out some of the experience using pen and paper. This allowed me to really think through the experience and the system before getting lost in the finer design details.


Sketching is fun but at the time I was also making use of Balsamiq. I transferred some of my sketches over to Balsamiq while also refining the experience. The digital wireframes were what I tested with sales reps.


Wireframes using Balsamiq. Boy am I old ;-)


  • A final set of tested and validated wireframes ready to design
  • UX and information architecture documentation for product management and engineering
  • A set of detailed requirements, timelines, and user stories in Jira


Last but not least, a sample of UI

list of catalogs
catalog main screen
catalog of rings
ring detail

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